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At Heart for HR, we are passionate about optimizing HR departments through improving services, reducing costs, consolidating systems, providing better controls, improving processes, training and aligning services with business strategies.

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Benefits & Payroll

Our benefits management & payroll services include, but not limited to: payroll maintenance, reporting, multi-state taxation, employee classification & overtime requirements, garnishments & deduction administration, payroll services & recordkeeping, healthcare open enrollment, unemployment benefit management, worker’s compensation, wellness program, 401K & 403B processing healthcare reporting.

HR Admin

Our HR administrative services include, but not limited to: examination, updates and creation of employee handbooks, policies and procedures and HR overall functions, discussion of best practices and updates of HR documentation, leave & time off management, employee data file management auditing of personnel files.

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Our risk management services include, but not limited to: identify, assess, mitigate and address potential risks related to human resources functions to help protect from legal liabilities, financial losses and reputation damage within an organization.

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Our HR related compliance services include, but not limited to: the review of policies and procedures on federal, state and local employment law, HR compliant audits, employee relations, grievances, concerns and workplace investigations.

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Our talent acquisition services include, but not limited to: job description creation, facilitation of recruitment process, interviewing, candidate sourcing, customize offer and termination letters,  on-boarding and exit interviewing process development, background and reference checks and drug screenings, when applicable.


We know that HR solutions often require more than one service, so we offer service bundles to accommodate different levels of customer care.

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Let us know how we can lighten your workload!
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